Retire Confidently Podcast

Failure is the Greatest Feedback

April 24, 2023 Telton W. Hall
Retire Confidently Podcast
Failure is the Greatest Feedback
Show Notes

We work to plan our lives out, think we know how it will all end up. But what about when it doesn't. What next? For the Orton's it was a mini-retirement.


A mini-retirement is a temporary break from work or career responsibilities that typically lasts between six months and two years. Unlike a traditional retirement, a mini-retirement is intended to be a short-term break that allows individuals to step away from their current life and explore new opportunities, interests, and experiences.

During a mini-retirement, individuals may choose to travel, learn a new skill, volunteer, or pursue a personal project or passion that they have been putting off. The idea behind a mini-retirement is to take a step back from the daily grind of work and routine, and to focus on personal growth, self-discovery, and rejuvenation.

Many people choose to take a mini-retirement during their mid-career years, when they have established a solid financial foundation and are looking to recharge their batteries and gain a new perspective on life. A mini-retirement can also be a great option for those who are feeling burned out, stuck in a rut, or simply looking for a change of pace.

Overall, a mini-retirement is a unique opportunity to step out of the rat race, re-energize, and explore new opportunities, while still having the ability to return to one's career or work responsibilities at a later time.

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